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Welcome to Reception!


Our Reception Teachers are Mrs Coulson in Crimson Class, Mrs McWilliam in Ruby Class and Miss Sharpe in Scarlet Class. 

Our Teaching Assistants are Miss Cox and Mrs Khan in Crimson Class, Mrs Weston in Ruby Class and Mrs Bottomley and Miss Cairns in Scarlet Class.

Class Routines

Crimson Class start at 8.40am and finish at 3.00pm.

Scarlet Class start at 08.50am and finish at 3.10pm.

Ruby Class start at 9.00am and finish at 3.20pm.

At the beginning of the day each child takes part in 'Morning Jobs' that help to develop skills such as cutting, fine motor, writing, reading and maths. We then do the register and the lunches together before taking part in Wake Up Shake Up. After this each class has a carpet session. We do 3 Literacy and 3 Maths carpet sessions a week, as well as a Circle Time for Personal, Social and Emotional Development, a Knowledge and Understanding of the World linked to our current topic, Physical Education and Music. After the carpet session a small group of children will take part in a focussed activity with an adult and the other children will be accessing the areas of provision inside and outside the classeoom. Each class does Phonics at 11am and we all go to dinner at 11.30am. In the afternoon the children come back from lunch at 12.30pm and everyone takes part in another carpet session which is different to the one in the morning. A different group of children will then take part in a focussed activity whilst the other children are accessing the areas of provision. We then have 'Snack Time is Chat Time' at 2.30pm before reading a story or singing some songs before we go home. 


Reception children arrive and leave school through their classrooms. If your child is going to be picked up by anyone other than the regular carer you need to inform the class teacher or the office before the end of school via Class Dojo. If the class teacher is unaware of any arrangements they will need to phone you to confirm this is agreed. Please make sure the class teacher knows who will be picking up your child to save any problems at the end of the day.

Our Curriculum

Develoment Matters

There are 3 Prime Areas:

- Personal, Social and Emotional Development
- Communication and Language
- Physical Development

There are 4 Specific Areas:

- Literacy
- Maths
- Understanding the World
- Expressive Art and Design
These are the things we are covering every day in Reception. We often practise these skills through play.
There is a huge emphasis on the Prime Areas as without these, learning in the Specific Areas is limited.

How to help at home...

Class Dojo will be updated each week with what your child has been learning at school with a range of pictures. Your child's homework will also be posted on Class Dojo and we ask that any response to the homework is posted on your child's Tapestry account.

Phonics: Your child will receive a Phonics Book at the beginning of the year which is for you to keep at home and practise the correct letter formation with your child. Your child's class teacher will add a video to Class Dojo each week to inform you of any new sounds and how to form the letters.

Maths: Your child will recieve a piece of Maths homework once every two weeks that will be linked to the learning that they have been doing in school. 

Reading: Your child will receive a reading book on a Friday and we ask that it is returned on a Monday. You will also receive a Reading Record book where you will be able to record when you have read with your child with any comments that you feel are relevant. 

Bingo Board: Each half term a Bingo Board will be posted on Class Dojo with 6 suggested activities to complete over the half term with your child to support their learning and development across many different areas of the curriculum. 

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